You’ve been in your career for a while. Your kids might be grown or getting older. Now, is the time in your life when you are ready to get with your girls, grab a drink and have some fun!

Feistiness like fine wine gets better with age. You have learned from your mistakes and missteps. You know what you know. You speak up for yourself. You stand up for yourself. You are over taking people’s crap!

You've grown into who you are. You know what you need to do, to have, to be, and to wear to feel your best! You are confident because of the woman you've become. You don't just love yourself but you like yourself!

Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! It is the podcast for women over 40 for a reason. We have real conversations with real women who own who they are. Imagine sitting in Starbucks and overhearing the women behind you having a scintillating conversation. You can’t help but listen. This is the feeling we want you to have as you listen to life coach and blogger, Karyn Beach and college professor and former therapist Jean Day have fun talking to some truly feisty and fabulous women (and the occasional man).

But wait …

Maybe you take your life very seriously. Maybe you like your resting bitchy face. Maybe you like to live life-by-the-book and don't appreciate spontaneity. Well, honey, … keep it moving because this ain't the podcast for you.

But if …

You appreciate laughs (at yourself, at other people, at life), you want more for yourself than you already have, and you like to get real, then grab a glass (fill it with water, wine, coffee, tea, soda), kick back and enjoy!

stories, flaws and faults and hysterical mishaps.

Have Fun.     Get Feisty.     Be Fabulous!