True Love Out of Unspeakable Grief

In Saving Each Other, Stacy Mitchell has created something unique among romance novels. She lets love blossom in a soil of grief and sorrow. With strong reviews, it is hard to believe that Stacy is a first-time author. She stopped by Fun! Feisty! Fabulous! to talk about unconventional grief tools, writing and living your creativity.

These two people have faced unspeakable tragedy. Yet a therapist suggests texting someone who is also grieving to be there as a support. I don’t want to say too much about the plot but I believe in the power of support from strangers. Your family and your friends know your whole story but the stranger knows this particular situation and can speak directly to that, especially since they are going through something similar.

Stacy starts her bio on Amazon with this quote, “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” As a first-time author, Stacy knows the challenges of writing and getting over all the mental hoops a writer encounters before they even sit down to write.  Jean and I also spoke with Stacy on how she developed this particular topic and what the challenges were in writing such emotionally wringing work. It isn’t easy.

As a self-confessed creative, Stacy was able to talk about her creativity and how it manifest outside of writing. So many people feel as if they have only one creative outlet, but Stacy (and Karyn) know that creativity can be found in numerous ways.

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