Creating a Life You Love!

Remember the beginning of The Mary Tyler Moore Show? She moved to Minneapolis and as she walked, she tossed her hat in the air as the theme song soared, “You're gonna make it after all!” Mary knew that she was about to live a life she absolutely loved! (Watch it here).

What would it look like if you were living a life you absolutely loved? Maybe you are living it right now; but if you are not what would it take for you to create that life?

Would it involve relocation. Maybe it would revolve around more travel. It could involve a new career. Maybe all of those, just two or it could be something completely different!

But what would it take?

The first answer is usually money, but that isn't always the case. Moving past money, what else would it take?

It could take time to investigate your options. It will take time to make that life manifest. You could need to sell your house or find new employment.

Silencing Inner and Outer Critics
Of the two, silencing outer critics is easier. Many of those closest to you might question your decision – not because they don't love you but because they are worried/concerned about you. Don't discard them totally, the naysayers may raise some valid issues; but that is where their usefulness ends. In the initial stages of planning for a major change, be careful about who you share your dreams with. Pick this team carefully. Fill it with people who will encourage and uplift you.

Silencing your inner critic might be harder, that b***h never shuts up. She's there to remind you of past mistakes and missteps. She's there to drum up any fears or issues you have. Tell her (because you can talk back to her, maybe not out loud in a public place though) what you have learned from those past mistakes. Tell her the steps you have taken to ease any fears. The more you do and the farther you go, she'll either shut down or she'll come up with a new set of worries. Either way, show that Nagging Ninny who is really the boss!

Do your homework
I don't have to tell you what happens to people who assume, do I? It is easy to dismiss something you know little to nothing about. In those cases, you are relying on conventional wisdom and what others (who probably know about as much as you) know. Do your homework. Research. Investigate. Make a call or two. What you want might be cheaper than you expected. There very well could be another option that you never considered.

What I know for sure is that this week's Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! guest, Sharmon Monagan, made the life she loved when she moved to Puerto Rico. Want to know how she made that happen? Listen and find out.

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