A Mind for Mindfulness

When most people think of mindfulness, they think of meditation.  Yet, mindfulness coach, Clarissa Hughes, says mindfulness is much more than meditation. Instead of dwelling on the past or focusing on the future; you are dwelling on the now and focusing on the activities you are participating in. When people begin to master mindfulness, they are less stressed and anxious and more peaceful. Let’s look at the average commute.

As you drive home, you think about what you are having for dinner, housework that needs to be done and whether or not you should work out. As you think, slowly your anxiety rises. Then, you look down. You are practically out of gas! Now, you add another task to your long list. You gripe all the way through the gas station and head home. Now, your family gets to experience your stressful mood.

Now, let’s look at a more mindful commute.

You are driving home. You think about dinner and decide not to worry about chores and exercise – depending how things go, you’ll work out. You don’t dwell or get anxious over it. You turn on your favorite music, audiobook or podcast (Fun. Feisty. Fabulous!). You notice the gas light. Yes, you’ll have to stop but at least you noticed it before you ran out of gas. You continue to drive while listening to your favorite audio. You get home, glad to see your family and ready to continue your evening.

So, what is the difference. The average commute was marred by stress and worry about what might happen in the future. Then anxiety is met with stress and frustration over getting gas. The griping continues, and your entire evening is negatively affected.

The mindful commute is marked by relaxation and gratitude. You thought about dinner but you let the rest of those thoughts go. The audio helped you enjoy the moment. You met the almost empty gas tank with gratitude, realizing that it could have been a lot worse. You got home with a lot less stress.

Mindfulness. It’s more than meditation.

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