The opposite of aging gracefully is well, something we’ll all encounter but aren’t in that much of a hurry to do (I’ll give you a hint it involves being six feet below the earth or being reduced to a mound of dust). But aging gracefully is an option to just aging. Gerontologist Cassandra Hill stops by to talk about how we can age better – looking better and doing more. And it involves just a few changes.

Can you imagine being 101 years old, looking 30 years younger and playing golf every day. It is possible (if you like golf). What does that mean for us today in our 40s and 50s? It means a series of small yet important changes so that we just don’t live longer but we live longer with a higher and more meaningful quality of life.

We list some of those steps in this episode, including eating more vegetables, just not Southern style – friend or seasoned with meat!

Listen to Aging Gracefully … and Fabulously

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