Awakening to a New Passion!

Making movies does happen outside of Hollywood. And independent films prove that not every movie requires a big budget. Sharon Wilharm, and her husband John, are releasing their seventh film, The Summer of 67 ( in November 2018. An avid reader with a degree in journalism, Sharon never imagined a career as a filmmaker, but her marriage to John changed all of that. In turn, it awakened a passion she never knew she had.

Since then, she has written, directed and produced a series of films right in her home state of Tennessee. Living a dream is possible and it doesn’t have to conform to what is expected. She doesn’t have a degree in film but she did teach herself quite a bit about writing, producing and directing.

Moviegoers see the final product but often don’t understand what is involved in getting a film from an idea to the big or small screen.

Did you know …

  • The blurb about names and places being ficticious is actually a thing. There are law firms that investigate character names and locations to make sure there isn’t anyone in that location with that name or one very similar?
  • Craft services provides food for cast and crew so they don’t have to go off the set for lunch breaks?

These questions and more are answered in this discussion.

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