Birthday Time! Let’s Celebrate (or not)

Go Karyn, it’s my birthday!

For me, it’s a cause for celebration. It’s my own personal holiday. So great that Earth, Wind and Fire paid homage to it in the feel-good song September (Do you remember, the 21st night of September?).

Most people, however, just don’t get it. For a lot of people birthday celebrations ended around the same time as high school graduation. I hear “It’s just another day.” Some people dread their birthday saying “Ugh, another birthday!”

I vehemently disagree. Now, I’m sure everyone doesn’t start their birthday countdown on the first day of the month. Or, take the week off and plan a short birthday vacay … but everyone should do something?


Because it is your birthday. And it is not just another day. It is your day, your family, your career, your friends wouldn’t have you in their lives – heck, your kids wouldn’t be who they are if you weren’t born. This is about your special day, acknowledge it.

Do something. Treat yourself to dinner, get an extra long massage, buy yourself a new dress or a great pair of shoes. Do a happy dance to your favorite song (of course, I have a birthday playlist). Just do something! After all …

What is the alternative to having another birthday? You aren’t in a hurry for that, are you?

So, let’s say a big ole “No!” to that “Ugh! Another Birthday!” mantra. Because, yes, it is another birthday and yes, you are a year older but who says that has to be a bad thing. Think about how far you’ve come, the lessons you have learned, all of the mistakes, missteps, and miscalculations you’ve made … and how you recovered from every one of them.

You are here. Acknowledge it. Celebrate it in your own way. It could be elaborate or intimate celebration just do something!

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