Breaking Down Men’s Emotional Walls

Men and their emotions. It’s complicated. From a young age, expressing their feelings is discouraged. Yet, after growing up learning how to shut themselves down, women complain about their lack of emotional intimacy. Only it goes deeper than that. Olave Sebastien is dedicated to help men, especially men of color, break down the emotional walls that they’ve spent a lifetime erecting and hiding behind.

As boys, men were taught not to cry or express any kind of emotion. Maybe that is changing now but for centuries, men have been taught that strength is required. Strong men are not emotional men. In fact, the only emotions associated with ‘strength’ are anger and frustration.

These same boys grow into men who are supposed to have successful relationships with women. Yet, women require more than anger and frustration emotionally. Not only do men struggle in their relationships, they struggle with their own inner turmoil. Emotional health is vital to everyone’s wellbeing, male or female.

Olave Sebastien starts the conversation with men about how to reconnect and get to know themselves on an emotional level. We had an amazing conversation about just that.

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