Busy, Busy, Busy!

Busy, busy, busy! All of us have a ton of things on our plates. In fact, think of all your projects and tasks as plates we are juggling. The goal is to keep the plates moving … without dropping them. I think juggling is a great metaphor because it is definitely a learned skill.

Our guest, LeTonya Moore always has many, many plates in the air and she stopped by for Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! to discuss how she gets it done. She is an attorney, a show host, an entrepreneur, a woman involved in several professional organizations. She’s also a mother. Honestly, just talking about all that she does made me tired (and I was just listening!).

She hit on a lot of really great points but let’s highlight three.

Learn to Say No
Saying Yes opens the door to more obligation. Saying No shuts that door. Usually, there is a plate that we are juggling. For example, you are a member of a professional organization (meaning you attend meetings and events) and you are asked to chair a committee. You say Yes. You’ve just opened the door to any number of tasks. You have committee members to respond to. You have deadlines to meet. You have meetings to attend. None of this would’ve happened if you would have politely declined.

Eliminate Unnecessary/Draining Items
There are times we get sucked into a Yes when we should have said No. If you have something on your plate that drains your energy or that you have no passion for or that you plain don’t want to do, remove it. These things are time-draining, energy-sucking, demoralizing obstacles you are facing. Let’s say the professional group you joined is one of these obligations. You like attending events but that should have been the end of it. Yet, you said yes to a committee chair position and you can’t stand organizing events, attending all of the meetings and you find the whole thing overwhelming. See your term through but decline an extension. Don’t let guilt or a misdirected sense of obligation drag you down.

Use a tool
If it is worth doing, it’s worth writing down (someone famous said that but I can’t find out who). LeTonya keeps a list of to-dos and things that shouldn’t be forgotten. I swear by an app called Todoist. I can use it on my phone or on my laptop or tablet. Everything that is important or time-oriented. Writing aids the memory and helps you prioritize what needs to be done. For someone who’s juggling responsibilities, task, appointments, … a tool, whatever you use, is essential.

Busy doesn’t have to be overwhelming or frustrating if you know how to handle everything you do. Listen to LeTonya, Jean and I talk about all these things and more!

website: www.letonyamoore.com


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