Career Change: From Corporate to Music

Every morning, people get up and head to work. Maybe during their commute, lunch or even during a meeting; they start thinking about what they would rather be doing. Maybe they’d love to be writing or painting. Maybe they wished they had gone right instead of left at that fork in the road. Sharon Johnson had these feelings … and she did something about them. She left behind a success human resources career to pursue her musical dreams.

No one makes a major career change on a whim. It takes more than a dream or a great idea. It must be planned and prepared for. And, according to Sharon, it takes a willingness to step out on faith and confidence in yourself and what you want to do.

It also takes knowing who to confide in and who to avoid. It is hard enough to pursue your dreams when you must contend with your own doubts without defending your dreams against the naysayers. So, chose who you share your dreams with wisely.

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