Celebrate Your Beauty!

Beauty isn’t skin deep and it isn’t narrowly defined either. Beauty can be found in different sizes, shapes and colors. Audra Jiminez started Blacktopia (www.shopblacktopia.com) to help let Black girls feel and know their beauty. Isn’t it time that we recognized beauty in all its beautiful forms? Audra thinks so and we agree!

When I started first grade, I was the only Black girl in my class. By the time I graduated, (Class of ’86) there were three of us. While I loved my school and my classmates, my experience as a black girl left me feeling insecure and anything but beautiful. My complexion was not embraced. My curves were not appreciated. My hair was misunderstood. And all this while struggling with the ups and downs of adolescence.

The scars made during that time were deep. I wish I could say they have healed completely but that would be a lie. While things have progressed since I graduated over 30 years ago, there is still a ways to go. I wish there were various images of black beauty I could have seen, images that we are beginning to see today. I’m sure that many Hispanic, Asian and plus-size women and girls feel the same.

Seeing beauty outside of yourself helps you to see beauty inside of yourself. And we all deserve to see beauty in all its marvelous shapes, sizes and colors!

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