Celebrate Your Independence

I remember distinctly, after my college graduation, blasting Tony! Toni! Tone’s It Feels Good as I drove past my dorm as I left Ohio University and my college years behind me. All my life, my focus was on school. Success in junior high was preparation for high school. High school was all about preparing me for college. College was my first stepping stone to life and I had done it. It was done. Now it was time to live my life for me. I felt independent. I felt unstoppable.

For some people, maybe it was getting a first car or a first apartment. It could be getting that first paycheck, remember it. Just like the Declaration was the beginning of freedom and independence for the States, you had a time (or times) when you declared your independence; your ability to stand on your own two feet.

I felt that surge of independence earlier this year. After years of working, getting my bonus in March allowed me to eradicate my debt. I still owe on my house and car, but I have no medical bills, personal loans or credit card debt. Mortgage, car payment, car insurance, utilities. That’s it. I felt and still feel liberated. I have two credit cards; but I make small transactions and pay them off every month. I wanted to take a major trip for my birthday and I paid for it without credit card debt or creating bills. It feels exhilarating.

So, celebrate our country but celebrate you too!

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