If we were to play a game of word association and I said ‘relationship’. You might mention the name of your significant other. You could mention children, your parents, friends or even co-workers or your boss. We could play for a while and it is possible that you won’t stumble across one of the most important relationships you have … the relationship with yourself.

Like a habit or behavior, your relationship with yourself is so close that it is difficult to see or observe. Yet it is critical to find a way to do it. Podcast guest and integrative wellness coach Jamie Lerner helps people do just that. In her book, The Ever-Loving Essence of You, Lerner shows readers how to re-create your life experiences in a way that empowers you and embraces who you are the choices you’ve made.

Jamie is all about helping readers and clients change their storylines. Well, what does that mean? Jamie says, “Our story is what we tell ourselves and others over and over and over. It is like our mantra. Most of the time, we are unaware of how we feel about our story, even as we are incessantly repeating it.”

So what story are you telling yourself? Is it a comedy where you laugh at yourself (maybe a bit too much)? Is it a tragic drama where the heroine suffers blow after blow always seeming to be on a downward cycle? Or maybe you have found one or two scenes and you continually replay those scenes over and over to the point of being paralyzed or overcome by them.

You are the writer and the star of your own one-woman show. You are alone on your stage interpreting the story you've written. Comedy? Tragedy? Drama? You're the writer! Your thoughts and feelings are the script. You are the sole performer because it is up to you and only you to decide you want to change (or not) and to make that change. You aren't reacting or responding to anyone else because you control how you respond and react.

It's about you and it is up to you.

Learn more about Jamie at www.jaime-lerner.com

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