Christmas – Traditions, Tales and Trivia

Get your gifts. Sing your carols. Attend that boozy office party. It’s Christmastime! Woo-Hoo!

Jean loves sending out Christmas cards. Kary hates holiday letters (but likes the cards). Barbies and Charlie’s Angels action figures played a part in some magical and memorable Christmas mornings.

Of course, there are tons of laughs and trivia. Here are a few trivia facts.

  1. Boxing Day in England – Since servants had to work on Christmas, they were given the next day off and would be given a box with gifts and food to take to visit with their families. Now people visit with family and friends and give presents to people who helped them during the year.
  2. Nicholas lived in Turkey and was known for generosity to children and the poor. Dutch legend said St. Nick known as Sinter Klass would bring gifts down the chimney or through an open window.
  3. 37 million fresh Christmas trees are sold each year.
  4. What are sugarplums? Sugarplums are actually chocolate candies with cream, fruit preserves, or other sweet fillings inside.

What’s up with all the red and green? Want to know when to breakup with that beau (and when not too)? What do the Swedes do on Christmas Eve (you’ll never guess)? You’ll have to listen for the answers

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