Designing and Living a Life You Love

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Every day, Bill Murray’s character woke up and relived the same day, over and over again. Well, that is how Karen Chaston described her life. She was a hard-working Chief Financial Officer. Had you asked her at the time, her life was absolutely fine … even though she was overeating and drinking too much.

Then she had two sobering wake-up calls. And, she realized it was time to make a change. It was time to design her own life, in her own way. She made some changes and changed her life for the better. Now, she lives a life she loves and she shows others how to do the same with her business and her book, Live and Love By Design.

When she stopped by Fun! Feisty! Fabulous! Karen, Karyn and Jean talked about those two sobering wake-up calls what happened and how it changed her (and for the better). We talked about that mind-numbing treadmill that too many of us find ourselves on and what happens when we finally get off of it.

After she developed a life she loved, Karen was convinced she had to help other women do the same. And, that is how Live Love by Design ( was born. According to Karen, there are nine areas of your life that need to be mastered. She then took those and built them into four pillars.

  • All About You
  • All About Relationships
  • All About Your Expertise
  • All About Your Wealth-Creation

With this great information, Karen is working with young women who have been affected early by pregnancy (whether they chose abortion, adoption or single parenthood) and giving them the information she wished she would have had when she was younger and letting them know that the still can design and live a life they create.

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