Don’t Just Manage Your Pain – Eliminate It!

What if I told you that pain wasn’t something to be managed, but something to be eliminated. Sure, there is a whole branch of medicine known for helping patients manage and live with their pain, but you don’t have to live that way. Bill Parravano is known as the Knee Pain Guru and has developed innovative techniques for getting rid of the pain … and doing it without surgery, shots or medication.

Not only a doctor, Bill knows all about knee pain from his own experience. After several knee dislocations, Bill had reconstructive knee surgery. And that was the beginning of his journey into understanding and eliminating knee pain. So, he’s not just a doctor, he’s been a patient too!

He believes that the key to pain elimination lies within the nervous system. Conventional medicine recognizes this as well. However, for them, the answer is an invasive removal of the offending nerve. This is not the answer that Dr. Parravano was looking for, so he found another way. Your painful veins are under pressure. It is that pressure that that causes the pain. Dr. Parravano found ways to alleviate that pain. These are non-surgical or medicinal.

Because wellness is more than physical, Dr. Parravano also works with clients on changing their mindsets.

Right now, he is offering the 7-Day Knee Pain Challenge. If you are suffering from knee pain, try it out.

And, listen to our conversation with Dr. Bill Parravano, The Knee Pain Guru.

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