FEAR is a powerful 4 letter word!

Beverly Walthour
Guest Blogger and Podcast

For many, fear has kept us from achieving many things in life. One of the biggest things has been starting a business or taking your business to the next level.

As a Business Strategist for female entrepreneurs, I work with women on a daily basis to help them power through fear so that they can be successful entrepreneurs. When I speak to these women, so many of them play the what if game. You know the one where you go:

  • What if I fail and have to go back to my 9-5? (fear of failure)
  • What if my business takes off faster than I can keep up with it? (fear of success)
  • What if I can’t balance working full-time, my family, and starting a new business? (fear of the unknown)
  • What if my family and friends don’t support my new business? (fear of not being supported
  • What if I can’t make a consistent income? What about benefits and a retirement fund? (fear of the unknown)

Does any of this sound familiar to you? I know it was certainly the case for me. So much so that I shut down my 1st business I started in 2007 to go back to the “security” of my career as a middle school math teacher. When I tell you that I understand how FEAR can keep you in a situation or move you out of a situation, I know first-hand. I know the kind of fear that keeps you in a job you are no longer happy doing. I know the kind of fear that scares you when you experience success. I know the kind of fear that makes you stay in a situation because either you don’t want to let other people down or you don’t want to hear them say “I told you so”. I experienced all of them and so have many of my clients.

Do know that fear will pop up constantly. However, how you respond it will determine your success in business. Creating a daily mindset routine is key to conquering fear when it does show up! Below are two strategies you can implement TODAY to start creating the mindset you need to be successful in your business.

Strategy #1: Visualization

Visualization involves you creating a mental account of a major milestone in your business (i.e. getting your first paying client, achieving your first 5 figure month, etc.). Write out this account in VERY vivid detail. Include such things as what you are wearing, what you are saying, what you are doing, thinking, feeling, etc. when you experience that milestone. Play this mental picture over and over in your mind daily.

Strategy #2: Set weekly business goals

At the beginning of each week, make it a habit of establishing 2-3 business goals. These goals should be written down in your journal. There is power in writing your goals down, because it then holds you accountable and allows you to track your progress toward reaching them. I truly believe in making SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) because they force me to be laser focused. I can set them weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. Below are just a few examples of SMART Goals:

  • I will apply for my business license by Friday, October 14.
  • I will finish my website by Friday, November 11.
  • I will write my exit strategy for my full-time job by Friday, November 11.

Halfway through your week, month, quarter, and/or year, do a reflection in your journal on your progress. At the end of your time, reflect on whether you reached the goal. If you did, celebrate. If you did not reach your goal, reflect on what happened and what you can do differently. Then go out and celebrate.

These are just two ways you can push past fear to create the business of your dreams. Just remember, when fear pops up it usually because you are on the verge of something HUGE. So instead of retreating from the action you need to take, lean into it and DO IT!

Beverly Walthour is a Business Strategist for Christian female coaches and consultants. She helps them create premium packages so that they attract high paying clients in 12 weeks or less. Visit her at:

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