Give Back! Change the World!

People who give back, get back just as much in return. Really, they (we) do! In her book, Every Gift Matters – How Your Passion can Change the World, Carrie Morgridge shows people how to find their passion and then use it to give back and help others. It’s about finding your passion, identifying a need, and then giving back in your own way.

What do you love to do? Chances are there is a way you can use it to give back. Like to read? Read to young kids or the elderly. Like to garden? Start a victory garden in the city or grow veggies in your own yard and donate them to your phone bank. A love of animals can turn into fostering or spending time with your furry friends in a no-kill shelter. If you are a runner, maybe there is a cause you could run for or maybe you can volunteer to pass out water at the race.

What has been done for you? Maybe you received help from a woman's shelter. It could be that you had help in finding a job. Did you have a big sister when you were a kid?

Whatever you do, it is surprising how good you'll feel helping others. Generosity is contagious!


Book: Every Gift Matters – How Your Passion can Change the World 

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