Grief and Growth

No parent ever expects to lose a child. Yet, unfortunately it happens. For Roni Lambrecht, it happened when her only child was 15. She decided, in her grief, was to honor her son by doing. She has written several books, including Parenting at Your Best, all about mindful parenting. Children grow so fast that if you blink, you’ll miss it. Yet, so many of the most well-meaning parents let life get in the way of enjoying their kids and the process of parenting.

Today, in 2018, it isn’t uncommon to go to a restaurant and see people, including entire families, waiting for their meals with their heads down engrossed in games, texts and social media. Ironically being anything but social. When Roni sees this, she has been known to order dessert for the family. With dessert, she sends a note with one simple request. She says she would love the chance to have another meal with her son. So, as they enjoy dessert, she asks them to enjoy each other. She asks for conversation, eye contact and to experience togetherness.

Yes, life is hectic. There is always to much to do. Yet there should always be time to make memories. The only way that happens is to be present in your parenting. Laughter, fun, snuggles, talks, and even the less fun experiences can make great memories. The only thing required is a little bit of time and a little bit of effort.


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