Happy, Healthy and Wealthy … It’s Possible!

All of us would like to be happy, healthy and wealthy. So why don’t more of us experience that? Karen Steil of the Church of Profitsea thinks she has the answer.

A New Trinity: Happy, Healthy and Wealthy by Karen Steil helps people to use the Law of Attraction to attain the things they desire. However, as most of us who have attempted to use LoA know, there are several hurdles that most of us experience. Skepticism, negativity and ‘realism’ keep us repelling instead of attracting.

It is hard to believe, isn’t it? When we are sitting in front of a stack of bills, feeling the aches and pains that we’ve just accepted and gotten used to and dealing with stress from the partner and the family, the idea of our thoughts creating our reality seems impossible, almost ridiculous.

It is possible, but it isn’t necessarily easy. It involves training your thoughts to see something differently, or at least from another perspective.

Right before I moved from Los Angeles, I totaled the car I had just paid for. I didn’t have a car for my move to Charlotte. So, my father graciously gave me his 1988 black BMW with the black interior and old school car phone. It was 2006.

Did I mention that I moved in July and the car did not have air conditioning? I was driving a black car with black interior in 90+ degree weather with impossibly high humidity. I wanted to lean out of the window and catch some air like most dogs do. Instead, I would pull up to a stop light and look with a mixture of anger and envy at those damn drivers with their windows rolled up. They looked so cool and comfortable in their air-conditioned cars.

It got to the point that just looking at my car made me mad. Then I heard about this Law of Attraction stuff and I decided to see if it worked. From then on, when I looked at my car, I was thankful that I had a car to get around in and the freedom to go where I wanted when I wanted. I would look out of the window and smile at the car.

What started off as facetious and sarcastic started to take hold. After a few months of doing this, a friend who had a cousin in Charlotte called to let me know if I was looking for a car to give her cousin a call. Without expecting much, I called. A week later, I was in a fully loaded Mazda 6 (which I loved) with payments I could afford.

Yeah, maybe it would have happened anyway, but I can’t help but think that gratitude and thinking positive had something to do with it.

Is it worth trying it out?

website: www.churchofprofitsea.com/

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