He’s Got Tales to Tell!

Wayne McFarland has led quite the life. It is a life filled with unexpected and hilarious experiences. In this episode alone, he shares how he was saved by Mickey Mouse, went into an advertising deal with a loan shark and blew up $10,000 worth of lasers at the Hollywood sign. He chronicles even more memories in his memoir, Tales from the Day. Wayne’s life is a life well-lived and filled with incredible experiences.

The life Wayne has lived is only possible because of three things:

  1. He didn’t let fear stop him.
  2. He took chances.
  3. He didn’t get deterred by failure.

So many people live life scared to take a chance. What if it doesn’t work? What if I mess up? And these kinds of fearful questions keep them from moving forward. Well, Wayne had answers to those questions. “If it doesn’t work, I will try something else.” “If I mess up, I’ll wipe the egg off my face and move ahead. Plus, I’ll probably have a great story or two.”

Failure isn’t forever. Mistakes don’t last. In fact, the only place our errors live on is in our minds. We tend to play our shortcomings repeatedly. We actually give them a life of their own. Once alive, they influence other decisions we make.

Once we put our mistakes and our fears in their place, we are free to take chances. And free is exactly what we want to be. Wayne lives an unencumbered life filled with personal freedom. Great stories, once in a lifetime experiences, lots of laughter, Wayne McFarland really has stories to tell. His book may be called Tales of the Day, but I have a feeling Wayne can fill days, weeks and months with his stories!

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