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Change has been the common demoninator throughout my career in Learning & Development. When I accepted my first position as a trainer (quite a while ago), I was exposed to classroom management techniques and adult learning principles. I was also introduced to instructional design. From that first job and until this day, I am enthralled by the learning process and the ability to help others become more efficent in their roles and to have the privilege to help them grow professionally and personally.

As I move forward in my career, I am excited to use my experiences to move into learning and development or training management. Throughout the years, I have gained management experience, in addition to facilitation/training and instructional design. Allow me to summarize those experiences.

I have had management experiences for most of my career in learning and development. As such, I have also worked extensively with management and upper-level leadership. 

  • Project managed the redesign of a document management repository containing several thousand documents. Dramatically improving document retrieval time.
  • Reviewed and evaluated existing documentation.
  • Strategized and developed training plans for new hire orientations, HIPPA guidelines, customer service training.
  • Worked closely with trainers, serving as a mentor and supervising activities.
  • Tracked and measured the success of training efforts. Sought feedback from employees and management and implemented improvement based on those results.

With a degree in journalism, it seemed, at first glance, strange that I would choosae a career in L&D. Yet, both diciplines involve breaking down often complicated concepts into smaller digestable chunks. They also both involve above-average communication skills.  

  • Delivered train the trainer sessions to several hundred subject matter experts to introduce them to classroom management techniques and adult learning basics.
  • Conducted a series of leadership training modules. Some delivered in day and half day sessions, others over lunch during lunch and learns.
  • Provided training on Microsoft Office applications from basic through advanced levels.
  • Learned and delivered training on a number of proprietary applications.
  • Received consistently high evaluation results for training performance.

Instructional Design
Instructional designing has been a part of my professional experiences even before I obtained a position with that title. Creating documentation and courses was a natural extention of training courses.

  • Developed own proprietary customer service training program, The Colors of Customer Service. In the vein of Who Moved My Cheese, I wrote the book and the corresponding training guide (complete with handouts, pr.esentations and exercises.
  • Created eLearnings with Captivate, Camtasia and Articulate.
  • Worked with department managers to determine training needs and gaps. Developed training solutions to address these issues.
  • Worked on innovative video series that brought creativity and originality to standard procedural training. Champeoned the idea to leadership. Once approved, wrote the script, created Whiteboard animations, participated in casting and co-directed.
  • Used social media tools, blogs, discussion forums, posts and wikis, to reinforce standard training.
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