Karyn’s Jubilee

Fifty. 5-0. I’m entering my sixth decade of life. I started with that because I have nothing to hide. I’m 50. God willing in 10 years, I’ll be 60 and so on. People ask me why I celebrate my birthday, “What’s the big deal?” They say. The big deal is I’ve lived another 365.25 days. During that time, I’ve had successes and setbacks. I’ve fought battles and made peace. So, yes, I celebrate my birthday.

49 was quite a year. I ended up out of work for the majority of the year. There were several deep depressive episodes. Yet, I also made a serious start of getting my finances under control by eliminating a lot of debt.

Most importantly, my faith grew by leaps and bounds during the down time. As a Christian, I relied on my new Church, Women's Bible Study and friends and family.

So, now, it's 50. It's called the year of Jubilee in the Bible. It is a time of celebration, release from indebtedness and more. I wasn't going to celebrate mine but if there is any year that requires a celebration, this is it. And, I'm ready.

My finances continue to improve. I'm taking Crossfit and am working on my diet. Spiritually I continue to grow. And … I might have even met a guy!

This is going to be my year. I'm claiming it! It is going to be awesome!

Bring on the Jubilee!

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