Life after Death – One Woman’s Experience

We all believe in something. For many of us, it is God and a world/universe created by intelligent design. For atheist and non-believers, it is random happenstance. But what can happen to take someone from the camp of the non-believers to the other side?

For Nancy Rynes, it was a bicycle accident and someone who valued texting over driving that came close to taking her life. It was her near-death experience that changed her mind and her life.

While she flatlined for just a minute, it felt like she spent months on the other side. She chronicles the lessons she learned in her book, Awakenings: 12 Life Lessons from a Near-Death Experience. Yet, many of those lessons come down to one word: compassion – having compassion for others and compassion for yourself.

When you realize that all of us are connected, you realize that compassion is necessary to connection. When you realize that you are no better than what you think, feel and how you treat yourself, you realize that compassion must live inside of you. Before you can show compassion to others, you have to show it to yourself.

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