Living Family History – Easing Grief and Loss

Wouldn’t it be nice, after losing a loved one, if you could hear their voice or see their face again. After losing his mother Bryan Renslow sought to make that a reality. With Living Family History, he is seeking to preserve more than just memories of loved ones who have passed.

Statistics say that although there are approximately seven billion people alive today, there have been about 107 billion people who have lived since the beginning. According to Bryan, less than 1% of those people have their personal histories recorded.

You can look people up on Ancestry and get the dates they lived, maybe what they did for a living and, if you’re lucky, a picture or two but that is about it. Although still in its Beta stage, Living Family History seeks to preserve the essence of the person who has passed. More than photos, it is stories and memories shared by people who knew and loved the person.

Imagine really getting to know your loved ones, even those who passed before you came on the scene – hearing their voices, their stories and seeing their faces.

This can also help with the grieving process. If when you are especially missing someone, you can find more than a picture. You can get the stories behind them from the people that shared that memory. You can hear that person’s voice. You can experience them again.

Grief and loss. If we live, we experience it. Bryan Renslow and Living Family History seek to make it a little more bearable.

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