Is it possible for the stress of affording higher education for your kid to be managed in a fun and fabulous way?  For many women, that seems impossible.  It is one of those too good to be true, tall tails.  Stressing over affording higher education is normal.  After all, if someone found a fun way to manage that type of stress, wouldn’t that advice go viral on social media?

The truth is for many women the “first act is” about doing what is supposed to be done.  Stressing over affording higher education for your kid is normal.  Seeking or even believing there is a possibility outside of that may be hard to believe.  So rather than trying to believe in a tall tale or some airy-fairy magic, try being open to the idea that a solution exists and it may come in a fun way when you least expect it.

One terrific way to find relief is to listen to the podcast with guest speakers who are fun and fabulous.  Listen and meet Crystal Olivarria who shares how she raised over $70,000 from grants and scholarships to pay for her higher education.  Karyn Beach uses her journalism experience to ask great probing questions. Karyn asks her guest Crystal questions like “What lessons did you learn?” and “What advice do you have for parents who think their family makes too much to qualify for financial aid?”  These are questions where you want to know the answers to.

Listening to the podcast episode regarding college funding is a great way to feel like part of the conversation.  It allows you to discover what other parents are doing.  Sometimes people figure out creative ways to make things fun and everyone benefits.  Sometimes people need a “jump start” to get headed in the right direction.  We have all heard of things like a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help us start a new lifestyle of being healthier.  So why not be open to the idea that someone took the same concept and applied it to helping families understand the financial aid process and afford college with scholarships?

The stress of affording higher education for your kid melts away as you learn about how to afford college and the resources available.  Not only does the stress melt away, but a great conversation is life-giving.  Crystal enjoys sharing the roadblocks she overcame.  Crystal wants to inspire you to seek resources to make your family’s college dream, a reality.  You are invited to tune in and listen to the great conversation Karyn Beach, Jean Day and Crystal Olivarria have regarding how your family can afford higher education for your kid by listening to this episode.  Listen now.  You will be glad you did.

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