Medicine, Laughter and Healing … Oh My!

Laughter is the best medicine. I’m sure you’ve heard that before but Melissa Mintz gives that adage a new spin. A naturally funny woman, Melissa had a successful career in pharmaceutical sales before a client encouraged her to explore a new path and an epiphany a few years later confirmed it.  She made the move from medicine to humor. All of this happened after the age of 40.

nonsenseAnd of course, it wasn’t easy. Even her own teenage children weren’t sure what to make of such a major shift. But she went ahead anyway. The result was her book, It’s Just My Nonsense: The World is Full of Nonsense … I just write about it. I’ve read it myself and it is hilariously brilliant. Hilarious because it is consistently laugh out loud funny. Brilliant because the humor comes from ordinary and normal situations that almost all of us have experienced.

What I loved about speaking with Melissa is that she is living proof of what can happen when you get out of your comfort zone and push past self-doubt and naysayers. Once you make it through those storms, there is a light on the other side. A light that shines a spotlight on success.

So, did she just chuck her pharmaceutical sales career. Actually, no. She still works in pharmaceutical sales while writing as a secondary pursuit. I love this because so many people feel that success is an either/or situation: either I’m in pharmaceutical sales or I’m a writer. Melissa simply changed her preposition. She went from or to and. She’s now a pharmaceutical sales rep and a writer. But that isn’t all she is…

energyShe’s also an energy medicine practitioner. So, you know what a pharmaceutical sales rep is. You certainly know about humorist and comedic writing. But, what exactly is an energy medicine practitioner. Well, let me put one myth to bed. It has nothing to do with giving your thermostat a checkup.

Energy medicine is the study of how your energy affects your emotional, mental and physical health. Illness and disease occur when your energy is disruptive, weakened or out of balance. A higher frequency of energy can affect someone on a cellular level and change the lower illness causing energy to higher and healing vibration – improving your health.

Melissa is living proof that you can have success and have it your own way. Whatever that way is! You don’t have to be a funny-energy-healing-pharma-rep or an instructional-designing-podcasting-blogger, you can definite success based on your interest and passions. And, just like you can’t eat just one potato chip, you don’t have to limit yourself to one passion!

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