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The music industry is changing. Record labels still have a part to play but they are not the same industry behemoths that they used to be. New artist, particularly independent artists, are navigating a new and often unfamiliar terrain. Independent country artist, Madelyn Victoria is making her mark on the industry and finding success her own way.


20, even 10 years ago, the landscape of the music industry was different. Downloads and YouTube views now rule the day. No one listens to CDs anymore. In fact, I don’t even know if it is still cool to use the term ‘album’! LOL!

Madelyn Victoria has found success on the Country Charts with He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor. As an artist and a student learning the music business at Full Sail University, Madelyn is learning the ins and outs of the industry with the goal of starting her own recording label.

But it doesn’t end there, she gives back through the work she does with special needs children and the children of abuse. She visits hospitals when possible and created an Octave Higher Christmas to give an amazing Christmas party to kids that truly deserve it.

She says as long as her career grows, so will her giving.

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