No More Fear, No More Shame

It is easy to pass judgement when you are on the outside looking in. For those of us who aren’t in (and haven’t been in) an abusive relationship the so-called obvious questions roll off of our tongues. “Why doesn’t she just leave?”, we ask. “I’d never put up with that,” we think. Yet life on the inside of an abusive relationship isn’t so easy.

Rustie MacDonald is a survivor. And her story is a story that all too many women (and some men) can relate to. As a child, she suffered physical abuse at the hands of her mother. As an adult, she married a man that replayed that abuse.

After many years, she was able to leave. Her daughter Chloe gave her the discipline she needed to make that choice. Unfortunately, her journey continues as she battles the courts and her ex-husband. She is also a ceaseless advocate for changing the laws that all too often don’t fall in the woman or the child’s best interest

Rustie has managed to break the cycle. Now with her book, A Journey of a Thousand Steps, and her podcast, Living and Thriving with Rusite – Inspiration on Tap , she is inspiring and motivating other women.

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