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Learn some basic features to make your meetings more engaging and interactive

  • Use the chat and other forms of non-verbal communication
  • Breakout Rooms and whiteboards can generate conversation and discussion
  • Share screens to increase interest and participation

Zoom doesn't have to be a bunch of babbling, boring talking heads. It can be engaging, interactive and ... possibly even … fun.

In this 75-minute class, you will learn about the features available in a free (Basic) Zoom account.

  •      * Chat
  •      * File Sharing
  •      * Breakout Rooms
  •      * Screen Sharingcreen Sharing
  •      * Nonverbal Feedback
  •      * Security
  •      * Settings

Not only will you learn about these features, you will also be able to use them throughout the class and see first-hand how these easy-to-use features can enhance the meeting experience for you as the host and for your meeting participants.

Karyn has such a pleasant voice and soothing demeanor. She’s knowledgeable about Zoom features and the increased need and usage since COVID 19. I was pleased to learn of all these features I wasn’t familiar with and none of them are difficult to learn! ~ Thomas D

With over 20 years as a learning and development professional (corporate trainer and instructional designer) Karyn has used Zoom and similar applications extensively. She also knows how to communicate information. To that end, participants in this class will also receive the 27-page Zoom User Guide that covers everything discussed in class.

Practical and hands-on this course will show you, as the host, what is capable with Zoom. However, as a participant, you will experience what other participants will experience.

It has been Karyn’s experience that most self-taught users learn just enough to do the bare minimum. When it comes to Zoom that means a lot of meeting users staring at the host as she or he talks into their webcam. Although zoom means to travel quickly, Zoom meetings are anything but quick or fast-moving! Just the thought of a Zoom meeting leaves many feeling tired and bored … and the meeting hasn’t even started yet!

But imagine …

  •      * Using a whiteboard to generate ideas
  •      * Sharing a video
  •      * Have your big group break out into small sessions where discussion and contribution is expected, encouraged and received!
  •      * Giving everyone in the meeting a copy of a meeting agenda or a document to be reviewed
  •      * Starting the meeting with everyone muted upon entry

It is possible to use all these features with a Basic (free) account. It can take time to learn these procedures on your own but with an experienced user and trainer, it can be done quickly and completely. In this 75-minute class, you will learn these features and can use them. You will also have a manual to refer to when it is time to use these features on your own.

As a college instructor, using Zoom has been a challenge. I knew it could do more but exactly what it could do and how I could use those features, I really didn’t know. Karyn challenged us, as we were learning these new features to think about how we could use them. I left with some really good ideas. My students will be happy! ~ Jamie D.

Many businesses and professionals were using Zoom before; but since COVID-19, the number of users has exploded. Different users have different needs but Zoom has something for everyone.

     * Businesses can share meeting agendas through file sharing and whiteboards for brainstorming.

     * Professionals can use screen sharing to share files with their clients so the work they are doing can be seen by the client instead of just relying on a talking head.

     * Churches can save valuable time by starting their services with everyone muted on entry.

     * Members of Clubs and Organizations can use the chat feature to talk to the entire group and to one another personally.

     * Classes can have students make presentations and share their screens so that other classmates can see what they are doing.

Karyn encourages participants to consider the features they are learning and whether or not they will be able to use that feature in their Zoom meetings. Every feature might not be useful but knowing what is available is always a good idea.

I left this class with good ideas about how I can use what we talked about. I knew there was more I could do with Zoom, I just didn’t know what. Now, I do. ~ Kevin B.

You will learn about the Chat feature, while chatting. Screens will be shared while discussing how to share a screen. You will experience the breakout rooms and whiteboards. You will learn the legal issues about muting and unmuting people. Plus, you’ll have a laugh over some Zoom horror stories and fauz pas.

The class focuses on using a PC but Mac users can learn a thing or two as well. Phone users (iPhones, Anroids, …) will have limited access to all of these features.

Karyn challenges participants to think about how these features can make their meetings more enticing and interactive.

In 75-minutes, you will leave with the tools you need to make Zoom something other than a four-letter word!



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Meet the expert who will make your Zoom meetings zestier!

Karyn Beach has over 20 years experience as a learning and development profession, training classes and creating training materials and eLearning courses. She has also been a podcaster (Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! and Journey - Step by Step podcasts)

In all of her roles, she has used Zoom (and similar applications) extensively. As a corporate trainer, she has proven techniques to make your meeting participants more engaged and focused.

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