Quirky Girl … Wacky Woman!

In the cable station line-up of life, my life would be a show on Comedy Central. It could be a comedy on Netflix, but truth be told, there isn't enough sex to make the HBO line-up.

All my life, people have laughed at my real life experiences. Many have suggested that I write a book. I put it off for a long time but finally, I decided to do it. The result is Adventures of a Quirky Girl turned Wacky Woman.

Unbelievably, everything is true and nothing is embellished. It's like the resume of a seasoned professional. Maybe when you were starting out, you felt the need to augment your experiences or embellish a line or two. After so many years of experiences, you no longer need to tell tall tales.

Mine is a life of tall tales. Honestly, it is.

Read the excerpts here: Quirky Girl … Wacky Woman Excerpts

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