Roadblocks and Rejection

Rejection. It is a part of life … everyone’s life. You don’t get every job you apply for. You don’t get to date every crush. You get passed over for a promotion. You don’t win every race or game. Rejection is part of life but that doesn’t make dealing with it any easier.

Ilana Levine of the Little Known Facts podcast, interviews celebrities about a lot of things (especially things you wouldn't normally know about them). Often, the conversation turns to rejection. An actor’s career is filled with it.

Ilana, Jean and I, talked about rejection and its antidote: love. If love and doing something because you are passionate about it, is your goal, then rejection is easier to take. Focusing on the outcome and pinning all of your hopes on it can intensify the feelings of rejection and all that comes with it.

Focusing on money and outcomes only serve to intensify the feelings of rejection, and who wants that? As a former screenwriter, I know many people who act and who write (or podcast … ahem) for the love of it. Getting work is wonderful. But if you truly love it, you can move on even when you don’t get the part.

All of this also applies to people who have never set foot on the stage. When it comes to career choices, personally, I love what I do, but being completely transparent, when I am dealing with unemployment and have a lot more month than money, it is hard not to feel rejection rather intensely.

Ironically, even in that situation, we have to find a way to put our rejection in check. It affects our well-being – stress increases as does the tendency to beat ourselves up. Our relationships suffer as our spouses, partners, kids, friends, feel the effects of our stress. And even those that us interview for a position can sense the desperation that arises from rejection.

So what can we do? Remember what is going right. Yes, you might be unemployed or otherwise frustrated with your circumstances but there are still good things in your life. Your stress isn’t going to go away but if your relationship with your partner or kids is good, spend some time with them. If you like to run, take a run. Balance out those negative feelings with some of the positive.

And it is there.

Rejection is part of life and it isn’t going anywhere but we can keep it from consuming our lives and that is a win.

Listen to Ilana's podcast, Little Known Facts:

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