Shoot for the Stars!

Inez Barberio got a degree in journalism from NYU and then life happened. Motherhood and career took her in several different directions. She was fulfilled, but after 40, she needed something different and something more. Then, fate and encouragement from her sons, led her in a different direction and she has never looked back. The best part? It all happened after age 40. Inez is living proof that life doesn’t end after 40. It changes and it can change for the better.

Inez knew a celebrity athlete, Tiki Barber (former New York Giants running back and  sports broadcaster) and was just going to arrange an interview for him with Millennia magazine. The problem was that the journalist wasn’t available at the only time Tiki was. Inez’s son suggested that she do the interview. After all, she was a writer and a woman with a journalism degree.

That was several years and several Millennia cover articles later. Just another example on life changing for the better after 40. Conventional wisdom says you’re over the hill when you are over 40. Inez and Fun Feisty Fabulous prove that there is no hill only wide open spaces. 

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