The Camino de Santiago: A Moving Meditation

The Camino de Santiago (The Walk of Saint James) is a 500-mile walk starting in France and ending in Spain. Jennifer Johnson made the whole life-changing walk and now takes others on an abbreviated (just over 100 mile) Camino. Some walk to work through issues like grief or health. For others, the walk is more spiritual. Whatever the reason, people who take the walk end the walk different than when they started. A moving meditation, the Camino gives you the time and space you need to think, ponder or pray.

The Camino is Bucket List-worthy. Imagine having the time and the space to think through or confront your issues head on. Imagine taking the time to get to know yourself that much better to learn more about yourself, to forgive yourself and to just commune with God, nature or your higher power.

I, Karyn Beach, was looking for a way to commemorate my 50th birthday. My usual trip to Edisto Beach, SC didn’t seem like enough for this big milestone. A party? I considered it; but it just didn’t resonate with me. I needed something. Well, thanks to this interview, I now know what that something is. A shortened walk on the Camino de Santiago – starting in Portugal moving from the coast inward and ending in Spain.

For me, the walk will celebrate the beginning of my 6th decade. However, more than that it will provide me time to deepen my faith and answer some questions that have been stirring within me. So, I ask, if you did something like the Camino de Santiago, what would be your purpose? Rest and relaxation or something more?



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