The Pet Sitter’s Tale

Since childhood, I’ve been a dog owner. Specifically, I have been a proud poodle owner. The love and enjoyment they give is immeasurable. I love all dogs though. Of course, if dogs are from Mars, cats are from Venus. I think cats are cute and I know people who love them, but they just aren’t my thing. Laura Vorreyer is the author of The Pet Sitter’s Tale because, well, she’s a pet sitter.

I couldn’t wait to talk to Laura. Anytime I can share my love of dogs I’m all there. I secretly wondered if she had a pooch more pampered than my Jake. I have to make up the bed around him every morning. Yes, he sleeps in the bed with his head on his pillow. Then, he refuses to move when I make the bed.

Since I love dogs, and Jake to the moon and back, I understand the relief you feel when you know your dog is being loved and taken care of. I also know the uncertainty that comes with being unsure of your dog’s well-being.

Having someone like Laura in your corner is such a relief. It was also a relief to know that there are dogs out there who are a lot more pampered than Prince Jake!
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