Time for the SEX Talk (Adult Edition)

In a relationship, two of the most difficult things to talk about are sex and money. We’ll talk about money later. Sexual Communications Coach, Leah Carey, talks by to talk about the importance of communicating your needs to get what you want from your partner. We all bring our vulnerabilities and baggage into any discussion of sex and Leah says that is perfectly okay!

Website: www.leahcarey.com/feisty (she has a special gift for us Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! ladies)

Many of us never learned how to have good conversations about sex. Our parents were our first role models and many of them either didn’t talk about it, didn’t talk about it effectively or, in the case of Leah, talk about sex inappropriately. In all of these situations, we grow up lacking the skills to have a meaningful conversation about sex.

Even still, there are some people who believe that there isn’t a need to talk about sex. Some just suffer silently through unsatisfactory sex. Some are frustrated because they feel their partner should automatically know their needs.

Sex can be empowering, satisfying and fun. We just need to have the conversation so that we can get our needs met.

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