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During the 21st Century, the field of coaching has exploded. At the same time, a lot of people don’t really understand what a coach does and why they would need one. I think it best to start by talking about what a coach isn’t.

  • A coach isn’t a consultant. A consultant is someone you hire to do a job for you.
  • A coach isn’t a trainer. A trainer is someone who teaches you a new skill.
  • A coach isn’t an adviser. An adviser tells you what you should do.
  • A coach isn’t a therapist. Therapist have years of experience to help you deal with some deep-seated issues.

So now that we know what isn't coaching, let's talk about what is …

So exactly what is a coach?

A coach helps you craft a plan for your success … but you do the work. A coach provides motivation, acts as a sounding board and holds you accountable for your decisions. A lot of people tell me that they should be coaches because they know how to tell people what to do. Well, that’s not coaching. Actually, that is pretty annoying. Think of a professional sports coach. They help craft the plays, they oversee the practice but they aren’t on the field playing the game.

Triple F Coaching helps you make the most out of this time in your life. A coach can help you determine what you want and create a plan for achieving it. I know what it is like to start asking yourself these questions, coming up with some answers and then acting on them.  I know how it feels to push past your comfort zone, defend your choices and then find the time to pursue these new interest.

Consider coaching as something you would do just for yourself. When you need a little pampering, you might go for a mani-pedi or get a massage and that will help you feel really good … for a little while. Coaching gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself on a deeper level.For a half-hour each week, you get to talk about your concerns, your goals and work on solving some of your own issues. And unlike those other pampering activities, coaching can produce long-lasting results.

Why Karyn?

A lot of people hang the coaching shingle on their door with little to no training. When I decided to pursue life coaching, I received my core coaching certification from CoachU. I am familiar with coaching methodologies and principles. You can rest assured that I am not offering services on a whim. I take coaching seriously and will take your needs just as seriously. Before we start coaching, we have a free consultation to determine if we are a good fit for each other. Do we have chemistry? Do I seem like someone you can trust and confide in? Do I feel as if we can make progress and that coaching will be a priority for you? Coaching is a two-way street and both of us need to be comfortable.

When you coach with me, you will always be in charge. I am here to ask questions and listen. A good listener can hear things you might not have even realized that you said. My goals are to help you reach your goals while applauding your successes and keeping you accountable.

Coaching Packages

Solo Star

When is the last time that you did something just for you? Sure manicures, massages and shopping are great releases but coaching is something you do for yourself that creates lasting and significant changes (your hair color is anything but lasting, even if they do call it permanent!). Solo Star coaching offers privacy, intimacy and a personal experience. Coaching works over time, so a commitment of at least three months is strongly suggested. Sessions are 45-minutes long. In addition to the coaching session, limited text and email ‘laser’ sessions are available if needed. Coaching is done via phone or Zoom.

Month (4 sessions): $500
3-month package: $1,275*
* 15% discount

Constellation Coaching

Constellation Group coaching is available for you and two to five friends would like to experience a coaching session together. This way is a little more economical and it harnesses the power of a group. You are already there for your besties, this just adds a little structure for your support.  Maybe you want to lose weight together or address one or two bad habits. You can even have a small mastermind group where each of you supports each other as you move forward towards your goals. Your group will meet monthly (4 weeks per month) over a conference line or Zoom for one hour.

Month (per person): $125
3-month package: $337**
**10% discount

Shooting Star Intensive

A Shooting Star session is an intensive one-time three-hour session focusing on one key area. Starting from the inside and then moving outward, we'll address internal conflicts and fears, uncover the things that inspire and motivate you, and design a game plan with action steps to help transform your dream to a goal and then to a reality. The best part is that this is a personalized session that is customized to meet your specific needs quickly and efficiently.

This session compresses over a month of coaching sessions into one intense and invigorating half day. It also includes two 30 minute follow-up calls. There will be real talk, realistic planning as well as a series of handouts and exercises so that you emerge with a game plan that you are excited about and can't wait to achieve. You can grab this Shooting Star for just $750.

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