Unleashing Your Inner Superhero

talmaypromoDid you know that there is a superhero lurking inside of you just waiting to be unleashed? Well, there is! Orion Talmay, Transformative Wellness and Love coach dropped by to show us how we can do just that. I’m not going to lie, she got me excited about making some changes that I’ve been putting off. I can’t wait to unleash my inner Ironman Ironwoman.

Your superhero needs you to strengthen your physical strength, develop your mental resolve and tend to your heart and your emotional needs. Think about it, what would Superman or the Hulk be without their strength? Captain America had to adjust from going to sleep in the 1940s and waking up in the 21st Century – you must have some mental resolve for that kind of time jump. Before Batman could be Batman he had to grieve and come to terms with being an eye witness to his parents being murdered.

You have faced your own battles on each of these fronts. You know where the baggage is and what hurdles you face.

orion850Physically, when it comes to the trifecta of nutrition, exercise or sleep, you know what you are doing right and where you need work. In the case of nutrition and exercise, the keywords are fit and enjoy. You need to find a nutritional plan that fits into your lifestyle and contains foods you enjoy. You need to find an exercise routine that you can work into your schedule (and yes, you do have the time) and that you enjoy. In the case of sleep, you need to create rituals and routines that allow you to prepare for sleep. DVRing shows that come on later, turning down the lights as it approaches bedtime, limiting activities that rev you up several hours before bedtime.

Mentally, what is holding you back? What can you do to lighten the baggage that you’ve been lugging around? You might find that you are bombarded by negative self-talk or that you’ve been harboring a self-defeating attitude. Maybe you constantly replay your mistakes and assume the worst will happen because of them. These are mental habits that can be changed. It will take work but it is worth it.

Emotionally, we have all had our share of heartbreaks and disappointments. What would you have to do to let hurt and disappointment bounce off and not let it fester and alter who you are at your soul? Pain is a fact of life but how we handle it is what makes a difference. How we handle guilt, shame and frustration matters as well. Many times, these things work us from the inside tearing us down bit by bit.

Orion is an expert on unleashing your inner superhero and she does it her way, literally her way. Orion’s Method (I told you it was her way) to help clients and women walk into their power and passion.

Open your heart

Release the past and return to love

Ignite your passion

Own yourself and your feminine power

Nurish your mind, body and spirit

Whether you want to unveil your inner heroine or just become a better version of you (without the cape) Orion’s Method shows you how to do just that.

Website: www.orionsmethod.com

Podcast: Stellar Life

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