Valentine’s Day Every Day (or at least more than once a year)

Sex. It is an important part of any marriage. It definitely isn’t the only part or even the most important part, but it is critical. Yet, sex can also be a barometer on the health of the union. If the quantity or quality of the sex is suffering, then it often indicates that there are more significant problems afoot. Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo, host of the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast, stopped by Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! to discuss why sex is often the gateway to increased intimacy and emotional closeness, better communication and yes, better sex.

Having a marriage of over 20 years, both agreed that their marriage hit an all-time low around their 11th year. Their marriage had faced its share of difficulties, from financial struggles to the loss of a child. Divorce had been discussed. If this marriage was to be saved it would take both commitment and a dramatic change.

That change came when Alisa heard of a couple who set out on a 60-day Sex Challenge. This couple agreed to have sex, every day, for 60 days … two months. At first, Tony was reluctant but then came around. They looked at their calendars to determine the best time for it. They set the ground rules and embarked on the challenge, they made it for over 40 days … which is still impressive!!

The results were more than just sexual. Yes, they were having better sex, but they were also closer outside of the bedroom too. They were talking more. Their bond had strengthened. Now, they wanted to pass on the benefits of their experiences onto other couples.

But 60 days is long time. So, they whittled it down to seven, a week. And they put it into a book, The 7-Day Sex Challenge.

So why do you need a book to have 7 Days of Sex. I thought the same thing until they explained it to me. You need to think it through and to be a little adventurous and creative.

It’s just a week but it pays to think about which week. It should be a week free of business trips, social obligations, menstruation, and any thing else that will get in the way. You have to think about it.

This is the time to introduce some creativity in the boudoir. Who says sex has to be in the bedroom or in the same position? Well, no one did! So this is a week to do something different and somewhere different. Add some spice and variety!

Jean, Tony, Alisa and I had a fun discussion!


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