Wow! You Too Can Dream Big

We’ve all experienced tough times, when Kathy Tuccaro shared her story with me all I could say was “Wow!” During our interview, again, all I could say was “Wow” … repeatedly. Kathy’s is a story of trauma from sexual abuse, rape and alcoholism. It included multiple stints in rehab, the loss of one career and the discovery of a new and unexpected career. Now and author and a speaker, Kathy speaks to abuse victims with a message of motivation and inspiration. Hers is a story that must be heard.

It is also a story that focuses on trauma, the drama trauma causes and how it can be overcome. We need to talk more about mental health; but we also need to differentiate between mental health disorders and trauma. Abuse survivors and victims of sexual assault may or may not have a mental health disorder. What they do have is trauma. Like mental health, trauma, if left untreated, appears somewhere in the victim’s life.

Kathy talks about an inability to trust, a definite outcome of trauma. Others would include frequent emotional outburst, issues controlling anger, promiscuity, and so much more. Both mental health and trauma must be addressed and controlled. Lest, they control the person who refuses to address them.

The best part about Kathy’s story is the end. After putting in the hard work and confronting her issues, she’s walked through the storm and emerged into the sun. She has a job she loves that gives her the freedom to write and to help the people who need her the most.


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