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I write therefore I am. For me, this statement is true. Whether I publish my writing or not, I am a writer. Writing is a part of me. It’s not a want to do, but a must do. Fun. Feisty. Fabulous! guest, Jen Shakeel knows exactly what I’m talking about.

In fact, Jen knows more than that. She knows that you (yes you, blog reader) could benefit from experiencing a bit of the written word.

Sure, everyone has a story to tell, and a story worth writing. But we need writing beyond that. Writing can be cathartic. It can be a release and it can be a way of making peace with the past or people.

Keeping a journal or writing letters can be helpful. It did not get past Jen that the most successful people, journal. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Van Gogh, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson, and other people you know by name journal. They commit their thoughts to paper (or computer).

The key to journaling is not to get caught up in the punctuation or the quality of the writing. This is writing you are doing for you. Don’t worry about censuring yourself or how it might sound. The point is to get it all out.

Funny thing, the more you write, the more you’ll write. Here are some of the benefits of writing.

Clarity: Writing is a great way to clarify your thinking on a topic. Of course, you can also use writing as a sort of brain dump, getting all the thoughts running through your head to run through your pen can make room for clearer thinking.

Perspective: As you write and gain some clarity, also expect to gain some perspective. This activity will help you analyze events, draw parallels and gain a sense of objectivity.

Brainstorm: Writing is a great means of writing down ideas and concepts that are worth remembering. Collect all your ideas and be able to revisit them.

Activity: Writing is a mental activity that acts as mental exercise. It is a means for working out your most important organ.

Sure, you can think and mull things over, but that isn’t quite the same. Think about how easy it is to forget something you are trying to remember. Writing is worth the time and the effort.

Still not convinced? Listen to Jen and Karyn discuss writing on this episode of Fun. Feisty. Fabulous and be convinced.

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