Writing Your Book – Debunking Common Myths

If nearly everyone has a book in their head, why aren’t more people writing books? It’s possible that more people would write if they could silence the voice of their worst critic: themselves. Before even starting, that critic can stop us cold in their tracks.

What is the title? How will you start? What gives you the idea that you can write a book? Your grammar stinks. You don’t know how to write a book? Who would read it? All valid questions. All are questions that should be thrown out immediately.

None of those questions matter, the only thing that matters is that you do it. So, let’s debunk some common writing myths.

I Don’t Have Time to Write.
You don’t need a ton of time. You can have an hour three times a week. What matters is that you use that time that you must write. It doesn’t matter how much you write during that time, what matters is that you write. Sometimes you’ll write several pages, other days you might want nothing at all. Just use the time you set aside to write to write.

What Am I Writing?
For starters, you are writing an outline that describes what you are writing in some detail. Your outline isn’t set in stone. You can change it, but it gives you a good starting point and allows you to flesh out your idea. From day-to-day, you are writing what you feel like writing. It may mean different sections on different days or even different sections on the same day!

Writing Must Be Linear.
In other words, you start at the beginning and go page by page until you reach the end. Writing, like thinking, isn’t linear though. You can start at A and then go to W, followed by a quick spin around F. You can put your book together linearly when you are done. Write what and where you feel like writing. Going where the writing leads you helps to combat the next issue…

I Have Writer’s Block
So has every writer throughout history. If you are blocked in a specific area, try writing something else. Maybe stop writing and do something else. Google topics and images related to your work. Google topics and images that aren’t related to your work. Listen to some good music. Be patient with yourself and do not stress over a case of writer’s block. Nothing makes the blockage more pronounced than worry.

Get Support
Friends can be a great source of encouragement when you are blocked or just down. Their motivation can be just what you need during a rocky patch or a period of self-doubt. Consider an editor: a copy editor to look at your grammar and word usage, a developmental editor to draw out your best and to objectively review your writing.

This is a great discussion about what it takes for you to stop thinking and start writing.

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