You Can Handle YOUR Truth

Your truth is just that, your truth. Everyone’s truth is different and as you grow, and life moves forward, your truth to will change. Looking over your whole life, the good and the bad, can help you to discover what your truth is.

The good and the bad is important to remember. Often, we gloss over and minimize the good while emphasizing and focusing on the bad. We magnify the traumas, the hurts, the betrayals and our truth become a chronicle of abuses and mistreatment. That isn’t your truth, at least it isn’t the whole truth.

Your truth is an amalgam of your experiences, all of your experiences. So, don’t dismiss the positive and don’t discount it either. It matters. It is a source of strength and courage. It is a celebration of your successes and triumphs.

Looking back at my life, if I could distill my truth into a motto or catchphrase it would come from Maya Angelou and it would be, “And, still I rise.”

I lost my mother after a chronic illness at the age of 15. I was teased mercilessly for being “Black and Ugly” in my early teens (something that lingers in the back of my mind til this day). I survived a suicide attempt. I was betrayed by my best friend. My kindness has been repeatedly abused. Family has not always been there for me. In fact, several of them have betrayed me and in one case, downright hated me and sought to hurt me at every turn. I now live with clinical depression and multiple sclerosis.

But …

I was always a great student. I found a career that I love and have consistently grown in. I wrote a script that was turned into a short film, have self-published several books and won money on a game show. I have traveled the country as well as traveling to London and South Africa and I’ve made and still have friends almost everywhere I’ve been. I have become the dynamic, intelligent and poised woman my mother raised me to be. I have learned to live with depression and MS without letting them become my identity.

No matter what knocks me down, I get back up. I’m a fighter. And still I rise.

There are times that I look back on with sadness and with anger. There are also times I look back on with pride and with pleasure. My truth is made up of all of me. And as I move forward, so will my truth.

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