You CAN Travel

It’s a big world with lots to see and do. So isn’t it about time you saw more of it and did more in it. From one-tank trips to international treks, traveling more is within your reach. So, let’s do it. Travel agent, Jill Jones of Cadillac Travel can show you how.

Not only can you afford to travel but you can also afford a travel agent. In fact, you can’t afford not to have an agent if you want to travel economically and travel well.

You can travel alone. You can travel with friends. You can travel with a partner. The important thing is that you travel. You can only experience so much through books and television, to really have an experience, you  must experience it … live and in person!

So where would you like to go? What would you like to see? What would you do?

As a home cook, I would l0ve to go to New Orleans and take some cooking classes. I’d come home armed with recipes and techniques to make authentic gumbo, jambalaya and, of course, beignets.

I’ve been to London for work, but I would love to spend some time in England, seeing the sites in London but also experiencing the countryside and maybe even Stonehenge.

Beaches. Mountains. City. Country. Africa. Asia. Europe. There is a travel destination for everyone. So pack your backs and let’s go!

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